Corporate Buyback Program

Cashkar’s Corporate Buyback Program is easiest and the fastest way to recycle your company’s old Phones, Tablets, and Laptops. We help you maximize the value for your old devices by 20% and responsibly clean all important data on the devices and provide additional services required to clear old IT products with ease.

How It Works

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Devices are evaluated

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Fill In The Following Form And We Shall Get Back To You Within 24 Hours. Also Provide The Model And Condition Details Of The Device If Possible.

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Why Choose Cashkar For Buyback?

Data Safety

We make sure all your data is erased before the it leaves your office. Also we provide a data security certificate.

Earth Friendly

These devices are sold again and hence reduce e-waste. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Fast & Easy

It only takes a days time to clear everything from Quote to Cash and that too best prices paid for your used devices.

What We Do For Corporates!

WE Help Maximize The Value For Your Old Devices - CashKar helps corporate manage the clearance of old devices and help gain maximum value. We help corporates make the purchase process hassle-free, smooth and maximize the value for old devices by 20%. We always try to keep it simple and as fast as possible.

Just because corporates usually deal in bulk, they lose most of the value for their used devices. We follow the Max value provider process (MVP), where dealers bid is to provide the best value, and the highest bidder gets the deal. So now you know your new purchases are going to be cheaper

What happens to the recycled devices?

We believe in a ecosystem where devices are recycled, refurbished and reused. This leads to less demand for new products which leads to lesser E-Waste.

All products we buy are refurbished and sold back to consumers through our vendors who play a very important role in this Eco-Friendly process.

Leave It On Us!

We as consumers have made technology a part of our day to day lives and have electronic devices all around us. They make our lives easier in office and at home. From mobile phones to laptops and tablets.

Companies make new models every year and create an urge to upgrade to something better. Where are the old devices going? Let them go into better hands so they can be put to use by someone somewhere.

Leave It On CashKar

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