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At Cashkar, we understand the importance of responsible e-waste disposal. With the rapid advancement of technology, old devices quickly become obsolete. Instead of letting them gather dust or contribute to environmental harm, Cashkar offers you a seamless solution to recycle your devices while earning cash in the process.

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Do you have an old phone, laptop, or tablet that you're no longer using? If so, don't throw it away! Instead, recycle it with Cashkar. We'll make sure that your old device is disposed of properly and that its components are reused or recycled.

How Our Recycling Process Works ?

Step 1

Select Device


Find the Device you want to recycle
and give us detail about the device.

Step 2

Book Pickup


Our team will pickup your phone
in the pickup date from you.

Step 3

Plant a Tree


We will plant a tree for
every device recycled by us

Still Confused On Recycling Process ?

Browse through our FAQS and clear your doubts


Recyling phone means the process in which a phone is collected and its useful parts are taken our for reusing the parts to produce new phones.

When you sell phone you get the money accroding to its value but when you Recycle you don't get money.

The recycled phone gets opened and useful mobile parts is taken out for producing new mobiles.

Why Should You Recycle Phone ?


For Conserving Environment

Recycling Phones helps conserving the
enviroment by reducing digital waste
and help enivroment become greener.


For A Better Future

Recycling phones helps making a
better future for our environment
by reducing the plastic pollution.


For Resource Reuse

Your Phone contains resources
which can be reused on phone
production and lead to recycle.

Contribution To The Environment


Tress Planted


1000 KG+
E-Waste Processed


Mobile Parts Recovered

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